Saturday, September 03, 2005


  • Introduction:

Neuroeconomics combines neuroscience, economics, and psychology to study how we make choices. It looks at the role of the brain when we evaluate decisions, categorize risks and rewards, and interact with each other. Here, you can find much more introductory information.An excellent introduction to Neuroeconomics for non-specialists, by Colin Camerer, is available here. An article entitled "Economics of Brain" which introduce neuroeconomics can be find here.

  • Associations and Research Centers in Neuroeconomics:
  1. The Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics(CSN) at George Mason University
  2. The Center for Neuroeconomics Studies
  3. Research Team Neuroeconomics
  4. Meuroeconomic Lab at Calthec
  5. The Society for Neuroeconomics
  • Introductory Articles in Neuroeconomics:
  1. Neuroeconomics: How Neuroscience Can Inform Economics written by Colin Camerer, George Lowenstein and Drazen Prelec.
  2. Neuroeconomics: Why Economics Needs Brain? written by Colin Camerer, George Lowenstein and Drazen Prelec.
  3. The Case for Mindless Economics written by Faruq Gul and Wolfgang Pesendorfer.
  4. A power point series to introduce Neuroeconomics could be found here.
  • Some Applications of Neuroeconomics:
  1. Neuroeconomic Foundations of Trust and Social Preferences, forthcoming in American Economic Review (written by Ernst Fehr, Urs Fischbacher and Michael Kosfeld)
  2. The Neural Basis of Altruistic Punishment written by Ernst Fehr, Science 305, 27 August 2004, 1254-1258
  3. The Neuroeconomics of Mind Reading and Empathy,American Economic Review - Papers & Proceedings 95(2005), 340-345 (written by Ernst Fehr and Tania Singer).
  4. Oxytocin increases Trust in Humans, NATURE 435, 2 June 2005, 673-676 (written by Ernst Fehr ,Michael Kosfeld, Markus Heinrichs, Paul Zak and Urs Fischbacher)
  • Websites, Weblogs in Neuroeconomics:
  1. There is a weblog concentrated on Neuroeconomics written by Terrence Chorvat in which any related news or information is declared. You can find it here.
  2. A webpage dedicated to Neuroeconomics is written by Richard Peterson
  3. A weblog about Neuroeconomics is written by Kevin McCabe


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