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Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making:

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Behavioral Finance:

  • Introduction:

Behavioral Finance is a branch of Behavioral Economic. The application of Behavioral Economics in Finance is called Behavioral Finance. It is based on the study of behavioral biases and their effects on financial markets, such as anomalies & inefficiencies on prices and returns. BF tries to detect and understand those biases / anomalies, and if possible to use them in investment strategies. Here is a short introduction to BF. Another nice introduction could be found here.

  • Introductory Article Concerning Behavioral Finance:
  1. Barberis , Nicholas and Richard H. Thaler (2003), “ A Survey of Behavioral Finance. ” In Handbook of the Economics of Finance. George M. Constantinides, Milton Harris, and Rene' Stultz editors. Elsevier Science, North Holland, Amsterdam.(downloadable)
  2. Thaler, R., 1999 "The End of Behavioral Finance", Financial Analysts Journal, 12-17.(downloadable)
  • Websites:

Here is a website about behavioral finance which include most related documents.

  • Basic Books in Behavioral Finance:
  1. Inefficient Markets: An Introduction to Behavioral Finance (Clarendon Lectures in Economics) by Andrei Shleifer
  2. Advances in Behavioral Finance (Paperback)by Richard H. Thaler (Editor)
  3. Advances in Behavioral Finance, Volume II (The Roundtable Series in Behavioral Economics) (Paperback)by Richard H. Thaler (Editor)
  4. Beyond Greed and Fear: Understanding Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing by Hersh Shefrin
  5. A Behavioral Approach to Asset Pricing by Hersh Shefrin
  6. Behavioral Corporate Finance by Hersh Shefrin

Introductory Articles Concerning Behavioral Economics:

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Basic Books in Behavioral Economics:

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